Future litters



Haimi is expected to be mated for the first time to FTW Beechdale's Newman, George around May 2025. You can always send us a message for more information about this litter.


FTW Beechdale's Newman, George




We do not work with a waiting list, but we do with an interest list. You can therefore always send us an email or complete our contact form. We would like to hear what you're planning to do with the puppy and you can tell us your preferences regarding gender, temperament, etc. We will take this into account when placing the puppies. Preference for a certain shade of yellow, for example, is not accepted.


The future puppies may leave the our house from 9 weeks of age (15 weeks if it concerns a puppy that goes abroad), this is a bit late compared to other breeders, but we want to take the time to get all puppies used to sleeping in individual crates (both at night and during the day) and learning good habits to prepare them as much as possible for life with their new owners. This will make the transition from breeder to owner less stressful and easier. 

If one of the parents is a carrier of a hereditary disease, the puppies in the litter will be tested with Embark or Laboklin so that you are aware of whether you are purchasing a carrier or clear dog. The price of a puppy isn't affected by this test, because it's our decision to make a clear x carrier combination. 

A dog that is clear does not have the disease and cannot have the genetic abnormalities
pass on to his descendants.
A carrier has one healthy and one diseased gene. In case of a recessive
he himself is not ill, but he can pass on the disease.