Our Vision. 

I will always breed to improve the breed, not to increase it. This means that the dogs that are used for breeding are free of all hereditary defects set by the breed club and that they meet the breed standard as intended. The goal is also to achieve the lowest possible COI (inbreeding percentage) within the nests.
The goal is to create gentle dogs with a very high will to please. In my opinion, a Labrador should be a dog that can be trained with few corrections, not at all "hard headed". I found this especially in the lines from the UK and that is why my dogs mainly come from English and Scottish bloodlines.
However, I do not breed house dogs, puppies will generally be sold to sports and working homes only.


Pups will be socialized in the litter thanks to ESI (Early Scent Introduction) & ENS (Early Neurological Socialisation). In addition, the puppies will be allowed to leave the litter from 9 weeks of age, this is a bit late compared to other breeders, but we want to take the time to get all puppies used to sleeping in individual crates and learning good habits to prepare them as much as possible for life with their new owners. This will make the transition from breeder to owner less stressful and easier.


Titer testing. 
Dogs are only vaccinated after titer testing if it appears that the dog lacks the necessary antibodies.


Faecal examination & deworming
Dogs are dewormed after stool examination if it appears that the dog actually has worms.