Foxhope's Juniper van 's Gravenhout

Nithvally's Boss at Foxhope - Grace van 's Gravenhout15 augustus 2022

COI 2.45%

Embark COI 14%

HD A, Norberg 35.0

ED Free 

ECVO Clear ('24)

DNA* All Clear 

*Prcd-PRA, EIC, HNPK, SD2, RD-OSD, CNM, SOD1A, DNM1, HUU, MCD, Narcolepsy, PKLR, CNGA3 Exon 7, GFAP, SPTB, CMS, GR-PRA2, XL-MTM, RPGRIP1, OL6A3 Exon 10, Stargard, Copper Toxicosis



Haimi is a very nice working dog with a very high will to please. She has the typical soft UK temperament of her father Boss with the bold nature of her mother Guusje. 

During field work and while working she is very calm but alert. Haimi is a dog that you can see thinking while working. This makes her easy to correct and control, partly thanks to her softness in temperament. Haimi is happiest when she does things well and is praised for it.




Competition results

04-06-2023 Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club 80/80 Points, 3rd place Puppy. 

10-06-2023 WFRG SJP C, 1st place.

15-06-2023 More than Dogs SJP C, 1st place. 

24-02-2024 OWT Starters Vilsteren, 4th place. 

03-03-2024 OWT Starters Heerle, 3rd place. 
08-06-2024 WT Beginners Anzegem, 1e plaats.

Foxhope's Marking a Grouse

Paddy Paws for Applause x Eelburn Ella at Foxhope - 28 april 2023

COI 9.8%

HD Pending 

ED Pending 

Eyes Pending

DNA Pending



Oakley is the newest addition to our team. We are very excited to see how she will develop in the future. 

We have just started her training and she shows a great passion for retrieving, which reveals a high drive. Fortunately, she has the typical soft UK character, which makes her easy to keep her steady and calm.




Competition results



Rosalynn v.d. Lefwinus

Multi Ch. Nino from Yellow's Garden † - Louisiana Yazz Lianne v.d. Lefwinus


Maui was our first dog and the beginning of our dog passion. We are active with her in tracking, mentrailing and just an active doglife. However, Maui loves nothing more than spending time outside in our yard guarding.

Maui has been spayed.