Hunting Hedges This Is For You

COI 4.84%

HD Pending

ED Pending 

Eyes Pending

DNA Hereditary Clear  

BLack (Liver Carrier)







Southern Spots Kinky Boots

C.I.B. Multi Ch. Namara's Red Sky at Night - Namara's Addict to Life 04-12-2020

COI 10.92%

HD A Norbergwaarde 35.0

Baer Bilateral

-P3, Scissor Bite

58 cm


Fanu is a hardworking male who likes to retrieve. He is active in hunting and we hope that he will get his (unofficial) SJP B diploma this summer. He is also active in bikejören/canicrossing, dock diving and likes to play with a frisbee. In short, a very versatile active male.
At home we call him the clown of the pack, not a day goes by that I'm not in awe about his humor. Fanu gets along well with females, males need a slow introduction and guidance. This is common in Dalmatian males.

Fanu is unsuitable as stud. 

Utrecht - Outdoor Summer Show 1U
"Medium sized brown spotted male of good length, masculine head with marbled ear, maximum jaws, scissor bite, corners of the mouth somewhat pink, so-called neck, somewhat little in front, somewhat strongly angulated behind, strong back, nice distribution of spots, goes through the ring sufficiently smoothly, is well shown"



Joe van 's Gravenhout

Nithvally's Boss at Foxhope - Grace van 's Gravenhout 15 augustus 2022

COI 2.45%

HD A, Norberg 40.0 

ED Free 

Eyes Pending

DNA Pending


Joe is a friendly and happy male who lives with my parents. He is described as sweet, loyal and very people-oriented and that is why he works at a practice as a therapy dog.
He has a great will to do well and is able to adapt his energy to his environment. In his work as a therapy dog he is calm and collected, in his spare time he is an energetic young dog who likes to retrieve at gundog training.

Pending the health tests, Joe will later also be available as a stud.