Food for sport and working dogs
"We ask more and more of our dogs and that is why nutritional support is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, nowadays we are increasingly aware of the healthy feeding of our animals. However, sport and working dogs need that little bit more! There is no one size fits all here when it comes to sporting and working dogs. For example, a hunting dog needs a very different kind of "sports diet" than a sled dog. And even within the sport (and the breed) itself, every individual benefits from a customized diet!

Sporting and working dogs have higher energy requirements and make high demands on their bodies, both physically and mentally. Providing the right nutrients in the right amounts is crucial to ensuring that they can perform optimally and stay healthy. It is important to feed varied and as healthy as possible.

Surviving is not thriving!

With Marking a Memory, together with orthomolecular nutrition therapist Ylvie Fanoy, we look at what suits each individual best and adjustments are made when necessary, such as during the rest season. The personalized diet provides them with the necessary energy, supports healthy joint function, strengthens the immune system and promotes cognitive functions.


The optimal start
A good start is half the work.. Because prevention is better than cure.

Chronic gastrointestinal problems and allergies are two of the most common problems currently visible in dogs, so prevention has never been more important than now! A B12 deficiency, for example, is also an example of this, there are countless dogs that (unnoticed?) walk around with this. However, this has nasty consequences for puppies and mother dog. That is why it is extremely important to only breed with healthy dogs!

The immune system is developed during the first six months, so it is extremely important to respond to this. By giving an optimal, varied, balanced diet you provide the dog with nutrients with which the immune system and the Th1-Th2 balance can be developed. But the immune system is also developed by the genes of parent animals and by epigenetics.


The optimal start of your four-legged friend starts well in advance with the mother dog. Providing her with the necessary nutrients during all stages of pregnancy will give the puppies a head start. Of course there is more to this than just nutrition, stress is also a major player. A mother dog that is under a lot of stress can, among other things, lick her puppies less. While licking after birth is important for the initial development of the intestinal flora of the puppies. About 70% of the immune system is located in the intestine, which also contains the largest part of the microbiome. So you can say that intestinal health is extremely important!

At Marking a Memory, together with an orthomolecular nutritional therapist, we look at how we will support the mother dog in the best way possible. This has been happening for quite some time before the heat. We will support her as optimally as possible through certain nutrients, which will already give the puppies a step ahead. After giving birth, the diet of puppies and mother dog is adjusted to take the first steps towards a well-functioning immune system.


But the puppies eventually also have to go to their new owners, while the immune system is still developing.
The future owners will therefore receive handles by means of a puppy package. Here they can give their four-legged friend as long as possible a healthy life. They receive various tips, but also information why prevention is so important, especially overweight (especially in Labradors), because overweight is actually a chronic low-grade inflammation. This kind of inflammation is often at the root of most diseases.


Orthomolecular nutritional advice
''Creating an optimal biochemical environment in which cellular (repair) processes are given every opportunity. This through optimal, varied and natural nutrition, supplemented if necessary with supplements. Looking at the individual."

With orthomolecular therapy you look more than just at nutrition, you start with the cell and bring it into optimal condition: because this is where it all starts!

The treatment options are endless. Contact us for more information.

Nutritional advice is personalized. Every dog is an individual."



Ylvie Fanoy 

Canis Vitalis